Arc 2000

Aiguille Rouge, one of a kind

This sector of Arc 2000 is almost like a resort within the resort, a ski area in itself: “It’s a pyramid offering just about every possible orientation, there is almost always good snow, particularly as it is right at the top of the ski area, at very high altitude. The variety of slopes, both groomed and powder, is just incredible”, explains Jérôme, ski instructor.
Skiers come from afar to discover these itineraries, easily accessed thanks to the cable car to the summit. It is a high mountain environment, which is immediately apparent as you step out of the cable car, walking above the emptiness, buffeted by the wind and with the dizzy heights of the panorama before you!
Parts of the three Apocalypse Snow films were shot here, where the long, wide slopes were an ideal setting for their unforgettable chases. Aiguille Rouge is a bit like the north side of Bellecote or La Grave: places that are like no others in the world for all ski fanatics. The itineraries can be classed into two types: north-side and south-side. Every time, you can expect a major altitude change, among the largest in the Alps, so make sure your physical condition measures up to this mountain!
On the south-side, the Robert Blanc slope is a monument of the history of Les Arcs, just like the KL slope (for Kilomètre Lancé or speed skiing) where many a world record has been broken.
An immense run, with the longest altitude drop in Europe, takes you from the top of Aiguille Rouge to Villaroger, i.e. 7km of slope, a real test for your endurance!
On the north-side, a world of magnificent, technical off-piste itineraries awaits you: very steep, very alpine, like Couloir en S, a classic among all classics, or Grandes Pentes. This area should not be entered lightly, and you should go with a guide or an instructor to show you the way. Wind slabs are a common threat in these areas and avalanches are frequent. But the reward, when you reach the bottom, has no price…

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