La Rosière

The mountains in summer… in action mode!

La Rosière is also active in summer. There is plenty on offer in its welcoming, accessible mountain terrain with a unique view of Mont Blanc! The rare topography of this sun-bathed “balcony” resort offers a unique character, in full view of the magnificent landscapes of Vanoise. After a week here, you’ll recognise all the summits. Pierra-Menta? Over there!
There are far more activities than in winter, and the mountains in the summer can be enjoyed at very different speeds. Let’s start with the fastest: both hands on the handlebars of an MTB. A great way to experience the sensations of sliding and speed, like in winter.

“From Seez, Montvalezan, La Thuile to La Rosière, there are 220km of marked trails and 33 circuits for mountain biking, it’s an incredible playground” explains one enthusiast, accustomed to riding around this natural terrain. Even children can learn the difficult art of negotiating gradient and obstacles in the fun bike park.
Slowing things down a little, you can take the military route, the fishermen’s path, the school road, or seek out bilberries or shepherds, depending on what you’re looking for. The trails are accessible to beginners (since you can take the lifts or drive up relatively far in a car), building up to expert trails, with longer itineraries.

If you go with a guide, you can brave the glacial terrain of the Ruitor glacier, or climb your first 3,000m summit, Miravidi, all in a day. Options also include relaxing among the dandelions, tasting the warm foaming milk of the pastures or gliding through the air with a paraglider, feet dangling into nothingness, nose to the wind. Navigate through the air from one thermal to another, enjoying the warm, upward currents that the birds use. Discover this unique landscape from a totally different perspective: La Rosière is even more beautiful when you’re hanging in the air!

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