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Marked trails for ski touring: the pleasures of raising the heel

Downhill skiing is undergoing a quiet revolution: that of heel raising. The popularity of ski touring is growing with surprising rapidity. A healthy body in a healthy mountain: that is what this discipline offers, on the way up and on the way down.
Reflecting society’s attraction for well-being and non-motorised sports, ski touring has seen a complete turnaround in just a few years, completely shedding its once somewhat dusty image.
Boosted by major improvements to equipment, ski touring offers the pleasures of carving without the handicap of extra weight on the way up. Real touring skis mean pleasure on the way down without carrying excess weight on the way up. They have adjustable bindings to be able to switch from uphill to ski mode and articulated boots to make walking easier but being locked into position for the downhill run.
Lightness and performance! This is what you get if you decide to rent ski touring equipment, even just for a day’s initiation with an instructor.
So obviously, the ski touring population has grown and now, this discipline is enjoyed not only by the first to try it, those seeking the silence and austere freedom of high altitude, but also by a whole new population of downhill skiers. They are looking for something more from the mountains than marked slopes: they want a new experience from the winter mountains, one that is not dependent on ski lifts, but that counts on the pace of their steps and the beats of their hearts.
La Rosière has understood this change and has defined three initiation trails, ensuring its place in the very tiny circle of ski touring-friendly ski areas. All the equipment you need is available for rent and the three different, secure trails offer plenty of opportunity to perfect your conversion technique. The trails are easy to follow on the way up and the downhill route is on the familiar terrain of the resort’s slopes. So watch out, during your stay in La Rosière, you run the risk of contracting the heel-raise virus!

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